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Renovating or decorating your property can optimise its valuation

We are passionate about transforming living spaces into charming and welcoming homes. Out of this passion, our interior design and renovation service was conceived, to help you make the most of your property, whether for your personal pleasure, or to increase your potential return on investment.


In order to rent under the best conditions, it became necessary to prepare and develop the property. Such care contributed to the renovation and the interior decoration can make the difference for a future purchaser. This is called adding value to your property. This can be done for your personal pleasure or to increase your return on a potential investment.


We offer a veritable rental assistance solution. That’s why The Good Agency is always on the lookout for the latest trends in materials and decoration. To ensure a perfect match between your expectations and the final project, we offer the latest techniques in 3D drawings and Mood Boards. Effective communication is the guarantee of our success.


A personal relationship: our in-house team of renovation experts will handle each project, ensuring that the results are delivered on time and on budget

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Customized management

Customised management: our team will work directly with you on the selection of furniture and finishes to achieve or exceed the results you imagined

Customized management

Business advantages: If you want to rent out your property and attract tenants, you can rely on our expertise in optimising your accommodation for the real estate market